202302 TAG Meeting

Volunteering facilitator: habiba

Admins, please add your preferred dates and times as well as topics to discuss and anything else that's relevant; with Tiki Admin Group Meeting policies in mind, we should try to share details of topics in advance or in teams and then use the TAG meeting for highlights and decisions, etc.


8th Feb, 13:00 GMT

Deadline for meeting time votes and topic changes


1.2. Where

1.3. What (Topics)

Legal and Administrative

  • Tiki incorporation status
    An updated application with updated address has been submitted with Ontario gov.

  • An update on Google Grants (from Google Ads)
    Created a new ad campaign on Google ads, will following its performance in coming weeks

  • Trademark infringement.
    The company, https://mytiki.com/, is infringing Tiki trademark. A legal letter has been drafted to be sent to their CEO through all social media contacts available. We will be countering them on Github as well. Waiting to discuss the matter with our Lawyer before we proceed.

  • Tiki and TikiWiki trademark renewal in 2023
    Nancy has submitted the renewal applications with USPTO.
    Funds from Tiki's PayPal account were used, so we only have USD$600 left

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