CRM Reality Check

I have some views about this and that is to make it accessable to the general office user with simple kiss interfaces and these will be task specific.

Groupware Interfaces

This is based on my mum using it who was a bit techophobic but now reaching the golden age of 5? can still find a customer reord with the olde DOS tap it up and down. Does not understand a mouse as its a rodent. Yep good olde up down left right buttons, tap up and down and left n right ;-)

Within any small and rapidly growing/olding legacy organisation using the internet then big things can go on, in a small enviroment

However to start this exersice one has reduce onself to::
for example a person is nervous and that has been dumped on a desk in new office and here is the computer and this is your work station. java machines over there err lan being wired and flouerenents on.. Cat5 ON ;-)

Interface Concepts

new officce user ......

Computer wakes up and Browser says
"Welcome u Intravert to the " COMPANY.COM
- with suse linux style login..

From here>>
New user on first day who wants to check out company on x days trial
Be able to browse the company and get a vision of what its about.. Hey I'm a logged in user
Be able to identify customers and emails as the phone rings
Be able to have a system where I can send a message from one team member to another
Be abble to send ans sm to anyone normally when at lunch ... Just to make sure mobile works

Holiday Arrangments

Its semtbmer is coming and the factory has 2 run 2 the beach and take a 3 week break

Please everyone mark what they want OFF specifically or all the rest of u out it in as tentavitve aslo possible..


Make it more touch screen rather than mouse and interface...
The whole crm module beed to have....

login Box

Now thats the first one I wanna hit on the head is that of having a selection box with said name there. People dont want to tap in their name, their in the list.. Its the team init! Some ecma would handy as well as some divs for the complete idiots and imbasiles

So we give complete confidence.. and on the first day u can have a good sniff around the tk and be part of it and that is the magic of it.. kiss me

At the top will be the company logo... the photo of the day and the date and time.. A simple log on interface... I like it...
Login pass..
I'm in .. wicked
Now before u go anywhere u have to enter your name
Your birthday (party) - no age
your nickname

Dump VB

This is my issue. Do I go and write an application in vb for the client side or can the tikiwiki be stable snough in the harsh land of crm. Most of this means validation and lookups..

Having and index with client side array... smells of imframes to me.. Also a bit of tikiwiki_svg.. The new graphic module now embeded in mozillaa

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