General Description

Categories are a way to classify Tiki objects (Blogs, Image galleries, Articles, Polls, Forums, Wiki Pages, File Galleries). You can create a category tree with as many sub-categories as you want. Any Tiki object can then be added to one or many categories. The user will be able to use a category browser--navigating the category tree with links to the objects in the category. This can be used to let the users find all the information your Tiki site has about a specific topic/subject regardless if the information is in an article, a weblog or a file gallery.

The plugin needs a way to sort by the type of item in the category.

Key Function and sub-features
  • The categories are organized in a tree with unlimited categories and subcategories.
  • An object can be assigned to one or many categories
  • Administrators can activate a special theme for items part of a category using the ThemeControlCenter.
  • Deep search into subcategories from the category browser
  • PluginCategory
  • PluginCatpath

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