FOSDEM23 Collab Dev Room Tiki Session

Following an informal meeting (with Jean-Marc and Roberto) we decided a generic discussion/presentation about markdown would be more ‘’collaborative’’ than the usual “here are the new things in tiki” talk, but with the opportunity to mention tiki 25 if there’s time.
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So here are some notes (work in progress)

The Relentless March of Markdown

And its arrival in Tiki 25


Following GitHub’s adoption and ”flavouring” of Markdown in 2009, many other major projects such as Reddit, Stack Exchange have followed suit, even WhatsApp now uses it to add formatting to your instant messages. That’s mainstream!

Tiki has long wished for a common wiki markup language, starting with involvement in Wiki Creole and inclusion of PEAR Text_Wiki adaptors since 2010? we started integrating markdown and now, in Tiki 25, offer it as an alternative syntax in all text areas, such as wiki pages, blog posts, comments and so on. In future versions Markdown will become the only active syntax.

Say hello to Tiki Flavored Markdown


Inventor Ward Cunningham 1994
Tiki started 2001(?)
Swartz and Gruber create Markdown 2004
John MacFarlane created CommonMark

I started an event on the FOSDEM site provisionally titled "The Relentless March of Markdown"

New Toys in Tiki 25


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