What is a funnel? For various means see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Funnel and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Funnel_(disambiguation).

1.1. Types of users

1.1.1. Public sector

1.1.2. Entreprise

  • Typically a project within an enterprise department
  • EvoluData has such clients.

1.1.3. Small organizations for one project

  • Looking for a solution
  • Usually a developers or power user is comparing solutions
  • Some will like to hire Tiki consultants for extra expertise

1.1.4. Consulting firm that has many clients per year

Tiki is a great solution for diverse needs
Jean-Marc has one person he is talking to about this

1.2. Path of level of engagement

1.2.1. User/interested -> $$$ for consulting

List of consultants: https://info.tiki.org/Consultants

1.2.2. User/interested -> Contributor

Ex.: translation, bug fixing, testing etc.

1.3. Other types

1.3.1. Translators

potential volunteers

1.3.2. Content creator / community management

Want a Tiki to publish info
May need hosting and some tech support

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