Tiki Grand Unified Learning Management System

I want to make Tiki into a system where students and teachers can cooperatively develop curricula.

Paradigms and Polemics


  • Is tiki a cathedral or a bazaar? Read this if you don't know what I'm talking about. Certainly tiki is a complex piece of software with Too Many Options and bolting on GLUMS will only increase the complexity. The question is "What kind of development model does the Tiki community want to adopt?" The reasonable answers to this question fall in the range from: "Exercise strict control over what gets in." to: "Let any clown toss in whatever piece of junk he fancies." There are possible variations including my personal favorite "Do mostly the later, then edit it out if it seems inappropriate on non-functional."

Progress and Prospects

The first baby steps for GLUMS are Homework (which should be called writer's workshop) and improved quizzes.

Other necessary components are Gradebook, Prerequisites (programmed progress), and additional activities.

Parts and Parcels


  • We certainly want to use Tiki categories to sort the curriculum items. Maybe categories we will need to develop multidimensional views of categories so that we can look for, say, quiz items that cover Chapter 1 of Tom Sawyer and are appropriate for 10th graders.


  • Spelling tests (tiki has to vocalize words and the student types them)
  • Word games (wordfinder, crosswords)
  • Equation solving
  • Many more

Contents editors

  • mathematical equations
  • chemical structure
  • audio (for spelling tests and language instruction)

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