I recently stumbled across this little application for posting via the BloggerAPI to Blogs.

On my Debian installation was simple:

apt-get install gnome-blog

and it appears on the Gnome menu.

When you first start up the blog tool, you'll need to setup like in this screengrab:
Some points to remember!

  • change the domain and path to your xmlrpc.php file!
  • remember in your TikiWikis Admin->Features to enable the XMLRPC communications
  • username and password are your tiki logon details

Now before clicking Close, click the Lookup Blogs button, this will populate the Blog Name dropdown, where you can choose your blog to post to. This is necessary even if you only have one blog setup.

  • The Blog on your Tikiwiki must be created by the User who will be blogging.

All these logon settings are kept for each use.

Very simple to use!
Launch, Type, click Post, Posted. cant get simpler than that.
From my quick trials there is no success blog posted message unlike w.Bloggar provides, the window just closes. However on failure, you do get a Error Message window and the Blog Post says open so you can retry.

The only problem Ive seen so far is that if you enable the title on the Tiki blog, and complete the Title box in gnome-blog. It doesnt get passed through to the title field in Tiki. Ive looked into this and gnome-blog doesnt seem to be passing the title surrounded by the <title></title> tags.
Actually having just typed that Ive got another idea on where to look! — Damian

Hope it all works out as well for you as it did for me


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