Groupware Interfaces

Interface Favorites

Here is a snip from Marc Page. I just cut and pasted this as I seem to have been down the same path and wish to add comments on why they not implemented within the scopes I required

Nice and simple GUI and has nice company relationships and partner modules, also has a really cool looking web mail app.

  • calendar is fantastic and I think we could integrate this as its smartified already
  • moregrouware style sheet would be nice
  • needs graphical tabs to make it more intiutive and copy an exe
  • contacts are not automatically created as users
  • users could login once I created them. yawn.. and it was okish

  • would love this functionality in tikiwiki and would think imho that this is the one to integrate with - what moretikiwiki ;-)

provides a wide range of functions, none of which really excel, although the calendar module looks pretty neat.

  • calendar is neat - this is not smarty


Latest release includes some theme and CMS support, generally this has a good contacts and project management capability we could add these to tiki

  • too many modules and a childish looking interface.. Come on this is business


has a nice windows feel to it, but little substance

  • uses php to create calendar popup - ie calls back to server
  • love the outlook feel because users can relate to that. Samiliarity
  • Fantastic gnatt charts except they could be in iframes
  • if this could have an outlook look alike calendar with JsCalendar ie 2x6 nomths view on panel

Non Starters


if you figure out how you are supposed to use this system please let me know, it took me few hours to figure out how to add a user! Just call me Dumbo J

  • Agreed u dimwit

http://dcl.sourceforge.net/ Double Choco Latte is more of a tracking tool for project/product not sure how this fits? Nice calendar popup. Appears to be a port of phpgroupware.
http://www.phpcollab.com/phpbb/index.php is a project management tool, primarily aimed at software nice gant chart
http://www.relata.org/ (next version won't be GPL) simple GUI, but I would never pay for this so good luck on what every they are going to do.
http://www.anteil.com/ This one looks pretty good.
http://www.customer-touch.com/ Demo - Ok but really a bug tracking system and nothing more, bugzilla and a number of other solution are more practical
http://www.guanxicrm.com/ clone of moregroupware, which is uicode compliant? They are also building an xoops module for this which may be good! As xoops was my second choice after tiki as the foundation.
http://e-crm.sourceforge.net/ could not connect to demo!
http://crm-ctt.sourceforge.net/ nothing more than a tracker, but has a very clean interface and uses a lot of mouse over stuff! Need to install and play with it!
http://issue-tracker.sourceforge.net/ another tracker, but has escalation support and instant email notifications. Although no demo available, must install and play!
http://www.leads4web.de INSTALL FIRST - could not read German, but screen shot looked interesting!
http://www.limerence.net/ An invoicing piece of software
http://openrcm.sourceforge.net/ last update was in May 2002, which means its fantastic or crap? Have not played with it.
http://assistant.sourceforge.net/ INSTALL – at 250k this has got to be worth installing!

The interface we want

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