Tiki + Mindmeld will collaborate. Work will start after Mindmeld releases version 1.2.2 around Oct. 6

Information about the integration strategy and timeline can be found on Rich's user page: UserPagerichtl.

Meanwhile, you might wish to familiarize yourself Mindmeld's underlying intelligence model, so you understand how it can best fit in to Tiki. The How it Works page on our Sourceforge site is a good place to start.

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Improving our search engine and possible new partner: Mindmeld from ars Cognita
New partner: Mindmeld

Competition and standards

CVS Doc section


  • Someone brought up the idea of Mindmeld handling wiki formatting. I'm sold on the idea. Does tiki have a method somewhere that translates wiki text to HTML? --richtl
  • yeah ! that will add in tikiwiki a real layer of intelligence ! — mose
  • Richard has installed tiki and is now cking out the architecture to figure out the next steps. He'll be conferring with his companeros to sort out the requirements for tiki/mindmeld integration. I'm very excited by the opportunities mindmeld will offer...

One of the biggest things that will need to be sorted out is the categories for mindmeld. I've not found evidence of a categorizing element in the mindmeld architecture but I think it will be VERY important for both tiki and mindmeld.

  • there are already requests for a wiki like editing environment for mindmeld pages

  • Richard is interested in integrating phgGACL for mindmeld

I've got a couple of Tiki 1.7.2s installed, but keep running into session errors (I see this has been fixed in cvs.) Reading up on the module documentation now... :-) I owe you some answers and thoughts, so here they are:

  • The reason you don't see categorization in Mindmeld is that Mindmeld categorization is completely dynamic. It's possible to query the Mindmeld database for what the current "categories" are, but these will change as the content and use of the knowledgebase changes. With Mindmeld's "self-learning" architecture, forced categorization doesn't really make sense. That written, if you have a particular category and want to find out what knowledge is relevant to that category, Mindmeld can deliver.

  • A wiki-like editing environment for Mindmeld is a neat idea and makes sense. When you tell Mindmeld to learn something new, it stores the answer exactly as provided, but internally is only concerned with the words that make up the answer. You could put Wiki formatting into Mindmeld now and it would learn properly. Someone would need to write a Mindmeld plugin to teach it how to format the answer properly for display.

  • An upcoming revision of Mindmeld will have built-in user management. The architecture will allow portals/wikis to bypass the built-in user system in place of their own. We kind of do this now in our Postnuke integration, and could probably do the same in Tiki. The user management system will probably be either Mike Benoit's phpGACL (http://phpgacl.sourceforge.net) or my own Tackle project (http://sourceforge.net/projects/tackle). --richtl

I've attached the SQL that will create the database objects Mindmeld needs in order to function. This can be embedded directly into the tiki.sql script. --richtl

arrow I just checked in the updates to adodb-xmlschema and Mindmeld to handle prefixed table and object names. The default prefix is "mm_", but it can be changed during installation. --richtl

Working on making mm's session management and smarty templates play nicely with tiki's. This part might take a bit. --richtl

CVS module (by mose)

I created a new module, adding those lines in CVSROOT/modules like indicated on Cvs18

# http://mindmeld.sourceforge.net/mmsf/index.php
# knowledge management and search engine
# licence GPL
_mindmeld	_mindmeld
mindmeld	-d lib/mindmeld _mindmeld

To import code, use the command from inside the mindmeld root dir.
cvs import -I ! -m 'Import of MindMeld 1.2' _mindmeld MINDMELD REL-1-2
That command can be executed for upgrades in one line
(I can handle it if you wish)

That's the occasion to point out that we have to solve a licence question. MindMeld is GPL, and Tikiwiki is LGPL, for releasing we have 2 options:

  • double-licence MindMeld is something the copyright holder can do, so mindmeld engine can be released in same LGPL package
  • double-release tikiwiki to have one LGPL version and one GPL version
  • double-licence Tikiwiki under GPL and LGPL, I know it's possible but I have no clue about the details.

It's not the only case, I have exactly the same consideration with wollabot irc bot, that is GPL Probably that topic extents out of mindmeld concern, and I hope to raise soon a discussion on devel list for that, but after some discussion here.

Mindmeld Licensing

arrowThere are a few things related to licensing that I probably should have brought up earlier. We'd best get them out of the way now to make sure you guys still want to go ahead with the integration.

(I know this is a delicate topic.) Mindmeld is part of a proprietary offering from our company, ars Cognita. Mindmeld itself is GPL (there are business reasons why we can't use the LGPL); the Company provides extension modules and support in order to finance continued development of this and other tools. One of the proprietary pieces is database translation. We give away Mindmeld/MySQL, but we charge for the Postgres/Oracle/MS SQL Server/DB2/etc. modules.

I think it would be prudent for Tiki to have a more conventional (and less restrictive) search functionality and consider Mindmeld as an optional (and much more sophisticated) search system.


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