This page is a really quick guide for setting up MozBlog to work with TikiWiki. MozBlog is a blogging engine (extension) for the Mozilla browser.

You can get details of MozBlog and installation details from http://mozblog.mozdev.org/. This guide won't cover those details, but once your is installed, continue to read on!

MozBlog is in development and I've got some strangeness happening but it does work.

Once it's installed, click on Edit -> Preferences, jump to the MozBlog options and expand to reveal two menu options Blog Servers and FTP Servers.

We need to click on Blog Servers, then the Add button.

Choose Other from the blog service provider.

In the Server URL type your domain name and xmlrpc.php on the end: http://your.tikisite.com/xmlrpc.php

Appkey is to be left blank
Fill in the Username and password with your tiki login and click OK. Do not touch other settings.

How to use it
Now browse to a page you want to blog about. Right click and choose the Blog this... option. At the bottom of the screen will appear the MozBlog window.

On the top right corner of that window is a blog selector, select the blog you want to fire to and then type in the main blog window your blog entry.
Above that is the Publish button. Click it to send to your tiki site. It looks like its hung as the progress bar continues to cycle, but it has posted the entry, unless you see some 101 invalid username and password message.

The Future
It looks like a good client, and I hope they will fix the niggles!

Ive used this for a couple of days entering into my own personal blog, works very well, once configured I didnt have any trouble with posting entries and URLs post fine without problems. - Damian on 2nd August 2004


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