Correction of PlugIn for Flash of Damian which functioned for the movies of Quicktime and not of the Flash reader.
As of Tikiwiki 1.7.7 and 1.8.3 + all embed and object HTML tags from HTML enabled areas are stripped, this means that flash tags are also stripped and can no longer be used. Not any more! the wikiplugin for Flash is born!

Usage =-


movie = the path to the uploaded movie content
quality = high of course wink
height = height of the flash content
width = width of the flash content

When did this appear in CVS =-

30 March 2004 - commited by damian aka damosoft
11/2004 - Corrected by BicTouBi

Who is working here? =-

Corrected by BicTouBi

Future Plans=-

None yet

An Example Flash movie

Code used for the above movie,
Make sure you have the latest wikiplugin_flash.php installed!

Tom@wikiDesign's Addendum

Tom@wikiDesign's Addendum
You can not call flash from a .tpl file because it's not parsed. {literal} and Item not inserted won't work either unfortunately. So if you were looking to add flash to a custom home page you can't.
BUT you CAN.
You will have to call an html or php file instead of the tiki-custom_home.tpl in your tiki-custom_home.php file.

Here is a snippet of the code:
// Display the template
$smarty->assign('mid', 'wikiStartPage.html');
//$smarty->assign('mid', 'tiki-custom_home.tpl');

wikiStartPage.html was the file I created and chose to link. Inside that HTML file I had embedded a flash movie.

Note the commented out assign to tiki-custom_home.tpl. Anything you update on the custom home template won't display.
This means you lose the admin interface of updating this page. You will need to FTP changes to your specified page to reflect on your custom home page. Sadly, "HTML Pages" through wiki are also parsed so I have no idea how to retain web browser authoring of your page. Minus a third party script to edit the page.

An example of a custom home page with flash can be found at http://www.wikiDesign.org

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