Tiki 1.8.1 is available since 2004-03-13.

Damian Parker was the coordinator of this release.

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Upgrading from 1.8.0

  1. Change directory to your Tikiwiki parent directory (for instance, if your Tiki is installed at /home/user/public_html/tikiwiki-1.8 then your parent directory would be /home/user/public_html)
  2. Download the 1.8.1 release from the link above
  3. Copy your old Tiki directory to "tikiwiki-1.8.1" (you can "move" it instead to save disk space, but doing a "copy" instead gives you a backup) - cp -r tikiwiki-1.8 tikiwiki-1.8.1
  4. Move the old Tiki directory out of the way - mv tikiwiki-1.8 tikiwiki-1.8_backup
  5. Unpack the new archive (pick one of the following depending on which file you downloaded):
    • bzip2 -dc tikiwiki-1.8.1.tar.bz2 | tar xf - (for the .tar.bz2 file)
    • gzip -dc tikiwiki-1.8.1.tar.gz | tar xf - (for the .tar.gz file)
    • unzip tikiwiki-1.8.1.zip (for the .zip file)
  6. Clear the Smarty compiled templates so that the updates all work properly - rm -rf tikiwiki-1.8.1/templates_c/*
  7. (Optional but recommended) Move your new Tiki directory back to where the old one was, so your links don't break - mv tikiwiki-1.8.1 tikiwiki-1.8
  8. There are no other updates or SQL scripts to run, so you're done
  9. Note: Tiki customizations (style sheets, etc) will have to be migrated manually

Resolved bugs and misbehaviors since 1.8.0

  • File and Image Galleries: Directory value shouldn't need "/"
  • Forums : Show posts by age sorting broken
  • Wiki Split! (both the @@@ and the line breaks in columns)
  • forum attachment doesn't work
  • Taglines uploaded display with escapes
  • Shoutbox module's delete link doesn't work everywhere
  • WikiSyntax : Center- if colon in-line, centering breaks
  • search_box with Fulltext Search
  • Misspelled link in file /lib/calendarlib.php
  • Incorrectly specified wiki 'h4' heading
  • Blog Pagination links were out of sync
  • moreneat debug console has hard to see colours
  • Forums : individual RSS feeds not working

  • RSS not properly processing blogId
  • FANCYTABLE plugin generates wrong TD format
  • RSS feeds are sent with Wiki Formatting instead of HTML
  • RSS feed brakes in 1.8 RC3 - httprequest() in tikilib didnt return any data
  • Newsletters: Subscribers get same unsubscribe code
  • File Gals:IIS REQUEST_URI not set in file download
  • lastLogin was the same as currentLogin
  • ARTICLES plugin wasnt showing the topic images.
  • mod-who_is_there Fixed missing quote marker
  • commzone/attzone area JS flip link fixed for all themes (comments and attachments weren't staying to show in Konqueror) with more accessible solution
  • Contact Anonymous fixed remember to enabled the Contact Us and user Messaging features, set a contact name on Admin->General and let anonymous use the messaging system permission
  • Integrator that was unable to save new repository

  • iframe width in featured-link feature
  • Wiki quick help SQL plugin documentation
  • breaks in the BOX plug-in
  • missing ?forumId= in tiki-forum(s)_rss.php
  • SPLIT and BOX plugins to render all wiki syntax properly
  • diff and source view to display special characters properly
  • external RSS feeds: first entry was not shown
  • more XHTML fixes (some ported from 1.7.x branch)
  • Corrected the alignment in neat theme for wiki page icons

New Features and changes

  • en-uk Language file, mainly because we british love our colour
  • adding a powered by Tiki logo on bottom bar
  • Added support for Atom output feeds, details see http://bitworking.org/rfc/draft-gregorio-07.html
  • Added support for external Atom feeds, just add them on the rss feeds page!
  • Added new module forums_last_posts, that shows the newest posts in forums. prefixes like Re: or Aw: are removed prior to output
  • ARTICLES now includes Topic Filtering
  • new module last_category_items
  • Spelling Mistakes corrected also modified the language files to reflect those changes, so not to break the language translations
  • German translation
  • RSS 2.0 output feeds support the author tag now
  • RSS: better looking stylesheet
  • RSS: Blogs now show title instead of a timestamp
  • RSS: if there is an empty item title, it gets replaced with a creation timestamp of that item
  • RSS: forums rss shows author names now
  • avatars: user can choose to have no avatar if he has one currently
  • Added <>[]|)({}'"_-*#;:& to special character input marclaporte
  • Replaced the powered by RDF button with better quality one and aligned all buttons vertically to middle
  • dropdown navigation for backlinks and structures in wiki pages
  • the module last_modif_pages so it don't display minor changes
  • Javascript added to shoutbox forms to limit input to the 255 character table column width
  • diff to ignore newline characters
  • translation of 'by' and displaying of 'Anonymous' in last_modif_pages module
  • translation of 'by' in wiki_last_comments module
  • Wiki Forum Discuss Broken with dropdown on Wiki Admin page
  • forums' new icon to show for topics new since last login
  • topic filtering in wikiplugin_articles

Bugs known to have been introduced in this version

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