Tiki 1.8.5 is available since 2005-01-21.

Tiki admins are strongly urged to upgrade to this version due to vulnerabilities in versions prior to 1.8.5 that can lead to unauthorized remote control. See http://tikiwiki.org/art102. A new security admin panel can help you to identify old or hacked scripts.

mose released this version.

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Bugs known to have been introduced in this version

None yet

Changes since


  • Remove file from temp after upload ohertel, thanks to ))OrionRobots((
  • Header redirections now die; afterwards to prevent other code being executed. Damian
  • More Path Disclosure fixes Damian
  • Remove the old password from being displayed on the tiki-change_password routine. Damian
  • Tiki security admin, a control panel to check internal tiki security settings redflo
  • Added .htaccess files to most directories to disallow direct access ohertel
  • More secure map uploads Franck


  • MySQL 4.1 support thanks to upgrade to latest ADOdb Damian
  • Speed improvements on Wiki pages while caching external links is enabled jburley
  • Easier user interface for maps Franck

Bug Fixes

  • Wiki renaming fixes and enhancements
    New : moves custom permissions and user watches.
    Fixed : Email notifications and theme control objects. Chealer9
  • WikiSyntax : Definition list "eats" character sylvie
  • version in the diff of a wiki page changed notification to the previous message not the current sylvie
  • forum post notification with the right url sylvie
  • monthview on year change hausi
  • Galaxia: run_activity urls finally fixed jburley
  • Maps: various bugs fixed related to object deletion Franck

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