What we already have you can find in RssFeedDoc.

  • Most of the RSS feeds sourcecode is identical. Feeds should be only very small files defining some variables and then call a unique rss output generator. - done for 1.8 UserPageohertel
  • Some things are hardcoded at the moment (category, included image etc.). Make them configurable.
  • Some things are hardcoded at the moment (language, webmaster, caching, editor, ...). Make them configurable. - fixed for 1.8 UserPageohertel
  • Allow users to provide a password within the url to access RSS feeds for data the normally only can access if logged into the Tiki site. Currently only data visible to anonymous is given out. Example: &rsspass=password. There should be same output for all and same password, because rss data are cached and people would get wrong data sometimes (data from other people with more view rights and therefore more data to get).

From a Bloglines perspective, Tiki appears to be unsophisticated or inelegant. For instance, feeds are generically labeled. I presently am subscribed to three Tiki feeds, my weblog and the articles and wiki feeds from luciash's KDE Wiki. In my subscription list they appear as:

  • Tiki RSS feed for articles
  • Tiki RSS feed for the wiki pages
  • Tiki RSS feed for weblogs

Yes, other information is available; it appears as detail about the subscription when I click the link, rather than more specific information in the subscription list. I wonder what happens when I want to subscribe to another weblog, wiki, etc.?

Also, individual posts lack titles. Each post appears with the blog title. If this is a feature; it certainly is different from the majority of my 160+ subscriptions.

Futhermore, many sources offer autodiscovery. I can enter a link, see what choices are available, e.g. RSS 1, 2, Atom, and select the one I prefer. Not so with Tiki. Unfortunately, Tiki feeds fare poorly in comparison to most other feeds.

Just a simple one: Related to Cartoon strip feeds like the Dilbert Feed.

Can a method be provided to display the actual image instead of the title?

me-g33k 2005-June-29




Competition and standards

CVS Doc section

mdavey is working on the fringes between the articles plugin, RSS feeds, tiki_articles_rss and mod-articles.



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