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General Description

tikiwiki provides a lot of notifications.
A lot of tikiers are moving and could appreciate to get such notifications on cell phone / mobile / handy / portable / (put other names here)
That is not for free,
the charges can go to the system down to the user

Key Function and sub-features

Port the existing mail notifications to SMS,
should also be smartly made (160 chars)

Related Links

Should use PEAR::Net_SMS (LGPL)
toggg: I'm Dartagnan from the "4 mousquetaires" maintaining it by PEAR
My fellows are Horde's members.

Typical Uses

Everywhere a notification can be sent: wikis changes (watches), comments, forum ...

Case Studies

Please, give here some real cases, simple and simple described

  • when I write a wiki, I want to know immediatly any change on it.
  • ...

he he mrgreen

Support Requests

tikidevs well accounted with which ever notifications


toggg, put your tw.o id here
Marc Laporte

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