Ho ho ho!

That's me! I have a tiki page now! And this page is made for YOU!

Do you have a dream? Something you would like to order for Christmas as a new tiki feature? Ask me below(*)!

Your commands to Santa here:

From Jean-François: Dear Santa, for Christmas, I would like:

  • An interactive navigational mapping system that really works
  • Trackback feature in the wiki pages
  • An offline wiki page editor
  • And a dedicated hotline with many people at my exclusive service

Is it too much to ask? Sure you can make it. I love you Santa!
PS: and I would like to update the picture of me on your knees. Where is the closest mall where I can find you? Are you somewhere on vacation with Ronnie McDonalds?

From Damian: Dear Santa, For the festive Christmas event I would love it if you could arrange that I have 36 or 48 hour days, as I have so many things to do with Tiki, but just not enough time. Also any chance one of your elves could finish my lovely Jukebox wink

Hugs Damian.

(*) Disclaimer: in case your command is not honored, well, this is not my fault, but the fault of these damn bloody coding autistic elfes.

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