Soupy is a bot that resides on #tikiwiki. It is less specific than TikiBot, i.e., it lacks a search function for pages at TikiWiki. Instead, Soupy provides some general functions, to include dictionary, google search and translation.

Type the command directly on the channel, if Soupy is listening, it will understand your command and will answer publicly on the channel. You can do this with an established prefix character or by addressing the bot directly, e.g., (without the quotes) "%translate en fr problematic", or "Soupy dict problematic".

You also can send it commands in a more private way (and less disturbing for the channel), by using the IRC /msg command. In such cases, Soupy will reply by private message.


%translate fr_en machin a traduire
/msg Soupy translate fr_en machin a traduire
Uses http://babelfish.altavista.com to translate words or sentences. From fr to en, it will translate "machin a traduire" in the example. Avalaible languages are

en zh for English to Chinese

en fr for English to French
en de for English to German
en it for English to Italian
en ko for English to Korean

en es for English to Spanish

Other ways also possible, es de for Spanish to German.


%dict something
/msg Soupy !dict something
Provides the definition of word something.


%google something
/msg Soupy !google something
Searches Google for something.


!whatis something
/msg Soupy !whatis something
Give out the learned definition of word something. One faq is maintained per channel. #tikiwiki is on http://tikiwiki.org/faq.txt

!learn something the definition of something (need to be admin)
Teaches tikibot the definition of word something. You have to be op on the channel to do that.

!forget something (need to be admin)
Make tikibot forget a definition. It's required if you want to change a term, you have to forget it first. Needs op rights on the channel.


Aliases are shortcuts. The following currently exist:

  • d for define (dict), e.g. %d something
  • g for google search, e.g., Soupy g something
  • t for translate, e.g., /msg Soupy t en es something

Other Functions

Soupy lacks the full complement of plugins that are available to a supybot. You can discover what plugins are available with the list command. The help command will explain how to use a command.

For More Information

More extensive documentation is available at the Supybot Homepage

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