The ''508'' theme model

508 is a theme specifically designed to utilize the power, and capability of remote style sheets using CSS2 via remote style sheets, as recommended by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), while carefully designing every aspect of the theme to not only meet, but also surpass existing requirements & recommendations for Web Accessibility, as made by the United States Government in Section 504 (section504), the W3C, Bobby, Cynthia, and others. 508 supplements Tiki's existing framework to serve as an example for future Tiki themes.


In addition to the above, 508 seeks to pursue the following specific goals:

  • Serve as a fully standards-compliant, comprehensive theme in which modularity is its middle name (or, at least one of them)
  • Exemplify Accessibility compliance
  • X-HTML 1.0 Transitional compliance
  • Eliminate as many bugs as possible that are related to layout & design
  • Reduced downloading time, particularly for users with limited bandwidth
  • Reduced rendering time
  • Separate layout/formatting & content
  • CSS2 compliance


508ThemeDev - Technical notes & collaboration
StyleSystemProposal - Proposal (in progress) by musus

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