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Tiki Community Audience and Objectives

This is a working page as part of Tiki Community 2021 Navigation Revamp

There are three parts here:

  1. Who is the audience?
  2. What can this audience gain from *.Tiki.org sites?
  3. What can Tiki gain from this audience?

1.1. Tiki consultants

Someone who earns a revenue via multiple clients for Tiki consulting

What can Tiki Consultants gain from *.Tiki.org sites?

  • Qualified leads for projects in their area of expertise / interest
    • luci and Gary: theme integration
    • Bernard: e-commerce
    • etc.
  • The credibility coming from their good standing in the community
  • Collaboration / help for their projects with clients
  • Participate to the future of Tiki

What Tiki can gain from Tiki Consultants?

  • Viability of project
  • Features and bug fixes
  • More feedback and volunteers to manage the project

1.2. Graphic Designers

Graphic Designers interested in making nice designs (work)

What can Graphic Designers gain from *.Tiki.org sites?

  • A graphic designer can offer more (Value-add) services (web site design) without having to learn to code.
  • A CMS where the theme is clearly distinct from the code. (not the case in WordPress)

What Tiki can gain from Graphic Designers?

  • We need nicer designs :-)

1.3. Bots / crawlers

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Googlebot and others

1.4. Digital marketing specialists

  • SEO, SEM, etc.

1.5. User interface designers


They take the mockup from the designer, and convert to HTML/Bootstrap/Tiki

What can User interface designers gain from *.Tiki.org sites?

  • Tons of features without coding

What Tiki can gain from User interface designers?

1.6. HTML integrators

They take the mockup from the designer, and convert to HTML/Bootstrap/Tiki

What can HTML integrators gain from *.Tiki.org sites?

  • Standard Bootstrap

What Tiki can gain from HTML integrators?

1.7. Tiki services firms

Similar to consultants above but from organizations (not freelancers) and they often offer services for other apps

What can Tiki services firms gain from *.Tiki.org sites?

  • Opportunity to present projects they did (case study, etc.) to increase visibility and credibility
    • Ideally, their clients also participate
  • Participate to the future of Tiki
  • Qualified leads for projects in their area of expertise / interest

What Tiki can gain from Tiki services firms?

  • Some examples of use cases (ex.: in presentations)
  • R & D

1.8. Entrepreneurs

  • Have projects which could be done with Tiki, and they intend to turn this into a profitable business

1.9. Someone evaluating Tiki

Someone that can decide his organization needs Tiki

To do a good job here, we need more granularity because there are so many variants.

Profile of person

  • enterprise vs freelancer vs non profit vs government ...
  • sysadmin vs developer vs entrepreneur vs manager vs graphic artist vs technical writer vs generalist...
  • general evaluation or veto power?
    • Most people involved will look at all the criteria, but some have specific questions in mind and if they don't get the right answers, they can veto the project. Ex.:
      • Legal department which doesn't like the project license or something about the vendor
      • Cybersecurity: The application doesn't have certification XYZ or has not demonstrated it follows policy XYZ, etc.
  • Special cases: OSPO

Type of project

For own project vs a tool to deploy and help others vs a tool to build a service

Type of decision process

  • Public Tender?
  • A Tiki vendor has made a proposal and the evaluation committee is validating info?

What is person looking for?

  • Is the person here for the mission? or the features? or both?
  • A community project to avoid vendor lock-in
  • A community project to participate in?
  • To pay a vendor and have something that "just works"
  • Hire a consultant for support/expertise

Examples of questions to answer

  • What problem(s) does Tiki solve?
  • Who uses it?
    • Social proof
    • Inspiration (case studies)
    • Awards
  • How rich it is ? (themes, web-components, ...)
  • What solutions it fits the best (examples, working sites, etc.)
  • How does it do it?
  • How can I access a demo?
  • How can I install on my laptop? on my server? on my AWS account?
  • How does it compare to other solutions?
  • Who supports it?
  • What is license?
  • What will be cost of my project?

1.10. Someone who inherits a Tiki project

Someone works in an organization. Someone else has picked Tiki before and this person inherits the project and they are not familiar with it. They usually know other projects and they could use some reassurance that Tiki is a good choice, and worth going through the learning curve. This person needs support and if they don't get it, they may start promoting the idea of using something else? ("Tiki is not the right choice for this...")

Examples of questions to answer

1.11. Current Tiki users (end users or admins)

This assumes Tiki has already been chosen, and now a power user (Not a developer) is managing it

  • How to upgrade, ideally with a 1-click installer
  • Where to host?
  • How to migrate a Tiki from one host to another?
  • How to get support? (free vs paid)
  • How to report a bug?
  • Custom theme
    • How can I make one?
    • How can I commission a specialist to convert a theme to Tiki?

What can site admin gain from *.Tiki.org sites?

  • Leveraging Tiki better by learning from others
  • Participate to the future of Tiki

What Tiki can gain from site admins?

  • More feedback and volunteers to manage the project

1.12. Software listings

What can Software listings gain from *.Tiki.org sites?

  • Information to better serve their clients

What Tiki can gain from Independent Software listings?

  • More promotion for Tiki

1.13. Software marketplaces

Ex.: https://marketplace.fedramp.gov/#!/products?sort=productName

What can Software marketplaces gain from *.Tiki.org sites?

  • Due diligence: Information to better serve their clients

What Tiki can gain from Independent Software marketplaces?

  • Easier deployability

1.14. Independent software evaluation firms


What can new Independent software evaluation firms gain from *.Tiki.org sites?

  • Information to better serve their clients

What Tiki can gain from Independent software evaluation firms?

  • Leads for new users in the Tiki community, and perhaps clients for consultants

1.15. Open Source Program Office (OSPO)


1.16. New developer

This assumes Tiki already been chosen, and now a developer is involved. Knows how to code and we want to make it easy to turn into active contributor

  • Where is source code?
  • Where is Docker?
  • How to make a merge request

1.17. Sysadmin in an organisation

Just wants key info on how to manage the Tiki (upgrades, etc.)

What can new devs gain from *.Tiki.org sites?

  • Can commit code directly in the core
  • Work opportunities
  • Participate to the future of Tiki

What Tiki can gain from new devs?

  • Commits
  • Help with development process (releases, etc)

1.18. Due diligence by a procurement officer for a Public Tender

A vendor has made a proposal to a Request for Proposals (RfP) in a public tender process.

  • Is what the vendor claimed accurate?
  • Is the vendor in good standing with the community?
  • Does Tiki comply with a specific standard or certification? (Please use this form to request the info). Most of the time, respecting standards is quite easy. These are basic requirements for all applications. We'll supply the info and add to our site for future requests.

What can procurement officer gain from *.Tiki.org sites?

  • Information relevant to the due diligence
  • Information about Open Source and Tiki, and what types of projects are good fits
  • Best practices about Open Source Procurement (new micro-site will be launched at the end of 2021). For now: https://publiccode.eu/

What Tiki can gain from procurement officers?

  • Procurement officers are responsible for evaluation proposals (so vendor and software). More projects leads to more work in our ecosystem.
  • Can implement requirements in the RFPs mandating upstreaming of code.

1.19. Philanthropy or charity due diligence

You received a project proposal that somehow involves Tiki and you'd like more information

1.20. Government Digital Services

1.21. Journalist / media

Typically a tech journalist. A journalist is doing research and would like more information and/or to interview someone in the project

To do: add a form just for journalists

1.22. Scientific publications

To do: add a form just for scientists

1.23. Certifications body


1.24. An association who would like to collaborate with Tiki

Examples: standards bodies, Open Source advocacy associations, etc.

1.25. Advertiser

You would like to advertise? or a link exchange?

Please use this form: (todo: add form)

Please note that we only do link exchanges if the site has relevant content.

1.26. Translators / multi-lingual use cases

What Tiki can gain from Translators ?

  • Better outreach to different communities all over the World

What can Translators gain from *.Tiki.org sites?

How to split?

  • Insiders: active community members
  • Users: Use Tiki but not actively involved in the community
  • Outsiders: just browsing

Tiki Community Audience and Navigation

See also: Evolution of participation

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