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Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware

The Open Source no-code/low-code web application framework for when a standard CMS isn't enough.
Web pages with any layout and style, edited like a wiki, combined with Tiki Trackers™ data input, management, and display functions, along with legacy CMS features and steady implementation of new technology such as Vue.js and Rubix ML.
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New Tiki Users

If you just installed or inherited a Tiki installation and need to get oriented quickly, here is the information for you.

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Current Tiki Users

Thanks for being part of the Tiki Community. Please check out the latest news, etc. on the Community page.

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Specifically for Sysadmins

Organization sysadmins, check here for the relevant information for a Tiki instance.

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New Developers Welcome

We make software the wiki way — no rigid hierarchy, and easy onboarding and commit access for new developers.

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Experience Design Freedom with Tiki

Tiki Bootstrap-based themes are exclusively visual skins separate from site functionality, for a pure design environment. Tiki layouts are highly configurable via multiple configuration options and template customization.

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Add to the Voices

From its inception, Tiki has been multilingual. We welcome translators as not all languages are fully supported yet, or just feel free to explore our i18n features.

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Enjoying the Road Less Traveled

Over its history, Tiki has been downloaded more than a million times, but as a software product in the current market, Tiki is often overlooked. This means that, in contrast to shop-saturated market segments, there is opportunity for those offering support services.

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Enterprise Support for Tiki

While Tiki is simple and standard enough to be installed, configured, and maintained with normal technical skills, assisted by the freely available documentation and user forums, more specific requirements might call for enterprise support. What are the current options and, for providers, the opportunities?

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Tiki Likes to Collaborate

As an Open Source software project, we are strong believers in collaboration on as many levels as possible. Let us share our vision for working together with other associations, organizations, and projects.

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How Tiki Stacks Up

We welcome Tiki appearing in software listings and marketplaces, as an option to meet web platform requirements.

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Deeper Evaluation

Who makes Tiki? How stable is the project? What are the capabilities of the software? Software evaluation firms, procurement offices, certification bodies, and the like, please visit this page to get the answers.

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Nonprofits Working Together for the Common Good

Tiki is an Open Source software project managed by the Tiki Software Community Association, a nonprofit organization registered in Ontario, Canada. We would appreciate any appropriate consideration by philanthropic and charity organizations, toward achieving common aims.

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