Transifex Administration

 Transifex Administration
This page contains essential information about administering and maintaining the Tiki translation projects in Transifex https://www.transifex.com/tiki
 Translating content?


  • There is only one transifex project called "Tiki Translation"
  • Tiki trunk and each Tiki release is a separate "resource"
  • Only major Tiki releases (eg: 15.x, 16.x) are created as a resource
  • For minor releases (eg: 15.1, 15.2, etc) the major release resource should be used for translation
  • Translations for pre Tiki 15 releases (eg: Tiki 14, Tiki 13, Tiki 12 LTS, etc) are not managed in Transifex
  • Translations across various releases are aided by the built-in translation memory (http://docs.transifex.com/features/tm/)

How to create a new translation resource for a new Tiki release

For every major Tiki release a resource should be added (eg: https://www.transifex.com/tiki/tiki-translation/tiki-15/), for minor releases (eg: Tiki 15.1) there is no need for this

1. Open "Resources" screen for the project
Transifex Open Project Resources

2. Add a new resource
Transifex New Resource Details

3. Edit resource settings
Transifex Resource Settings

Transifex Edit Resource Settings

 Resource settings
"SLUG" is a short, unique name for the resource. Please follow naming convention: tiki-majorreleasenumber (eg: tiki-15).

"NAME" is the displayed name, it is not used for any referencing. You can rename a resource, but try to follow the pattern, eg: "Tiki 15.x branch"

"YOUR TRANSLATORS CAN TRANSLATE RESOURCE STRINGS": make sure it is checked so that the resource can be translated.

"CATEGORIES": optional, you can add eg: "php" and the Tiki release number

How to automatically update source strings

Linking the main translation resource ("en" language) with github ensures that all updates to the source strings gets updated automatically in all translation files (eg: "hu" language)

1. Find github raw display for the lang/en/language.php file
Github Language Raw Access

2. Open raw file and copy the link
Github Language Raw View

3. Open the resource in Transifex
Transifex Access Resource
Transifex Access Autoupdate

3. Set automatic update by inserting the github raw link
Transifex Autoupdate
Transifex Autoupdate Success

How to enable automated resource translation from translation memory in a project

It is possible to automate the translation among resources inside a Transifex project, automated update of source strings can ensure that translation is done automatically.

 Currently it is turned ON
Automated translation is currently turned on for the project (it is a project level setting, can not be set for each resource). Transifex is being tested for the Tiki 15 release, if the automation has no side-effects, it stays on, otherwise it will be switched off.

 Automated translation
You can configure the Translation Memory of a project to automatically populate translations for source strings that have 100% similarity match with already translated source strings in another resource. If enabled, this action is triggered on every time you upload a resource, no matter if this is done through the UI or by using the Transifex client. That way, the translators' workload is reduced and translations that should be consistent across your resources are guaranteed to be identical."

Read more here: http://docs.transifex.com/features/tm/

1. Access project management screen
Transifex Manage Project

2. Set automated translation
Transifex Set Automatic Translation

 Read more about how it works (really!)
There are some trade-offs coming with automation, see here: http://docs.transifex.com/tutorials/content/#transifex-tips

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