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I first got interested in php when I decided I needed a better way to show my vacation photos. I wrote my own photo gallery in php... simple, but I like it, and I really started to see what php was all about. This led me into the world of CMS systems. Herb's Southeast Photos

I looked at quite a few before settling on tiki, including Drupal, the *Nukes, Mambo, and e107, which incidentally is my second choice.

I have several ideas in mind for tikiwiki. First, I am a New Warrior. You can see what we are all about at

http://www.mkp.org and

I am creating a new website that implements the concepts of community circles... gatherings of like minded men to work towards common goals or even just for social circles. I've created my initial website at New Warriors Community Circles. You'll have to register... please do, I'd be very interested in your comments.

I really want to start selling consulting services around tiki. There are many small to medium sized business and organizations that need a CMS, and the commercial available ones are just too DAMN expensive.

However, as I have written about at


I believe that security must be substantially enhanced to make tikiwiki a viable product, simply because not all intranet or public website information is designed for public consumption by all. A prime example would be webpages maintained by Human Resources. Job postings, employee manuals would all be public, but each employee's service rankings and salary would only be available to HR and his/her manager. This is difficult to achieve right now.

I'd also like to see user defined fields for each user (like nickname, address, other good stuff), and I'd like a registration setup where a user could apply for registration but would have to be validated by an administrator who would set permissions before the user would receive final login permission.

Thanks to the many who have made tiki such a great CMS... I see great things for the future.

Wayne Herbert


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