I've been a Linux Guru eek since leaving secondary school, during 2 years at college trying to master the various annual slackware releases and now I'd like to say that I can fix most problems in the Red Hat varient. Linux is running on all my PC's apart from 1 I use for my Visual Basic work. Ive now recently downloaded the Fedora Core 1 and installing onto my day to day workstation. Other things? Well Im a petrol head: I've got a Citroen CX Fam. under restoration, Citroen XM Im using each day, Volvo 740 my load lugger, Fiat 500 awaiting space to restore it, Pugeot 205Cti awaiting garage space too, 1990 Fiat Tipo. And the new arrival a 1977 Citroen GS Club Estate razz These can all be seen at http://damian.parkersworld.org

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