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I am new to Tikiwiki — not so to wikis, as I have been using a MoinMoin "knockoff" known as MoniWiki at AmalakiMoniwikiOnline.

Actually, I had found Tikiwiki too difficult to install when I tried an earlier version of it. This was when I was looking at Open Source Content Management, as part of a search for greater understanding of Information Architecture.

I first had looked at PhpNuke (Most likely, the best known and most popular, Open Source CMS), the more powerful PostNuke, etc. Eventually, I settled on Drupal because it offers a taxonomy. And, yes, I know that there is more to CMS than categories!

I took a second look at Tikiwiki when the KDE Community Wiki Site chose it.

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"Mostly harmless"

In Appreciation

I wanted to comment on UserPageDamian. I very much appreciated the help he provided to me when I visit #tikiwiki on the Freenode IRC network. His enthusiasm for Tikiwiki is contagious, even more than his enthusiasm for Kendall mint cakes!
I wanted to comment on UserPageMose. I very much appreciated the help he provided to me when I visit #tikiwiki on the Freenode IRC network. He has very good intuition when it comes to troubleshooting; and, for a mutated troll, he was actually quite pleasant.
I appreciate that UserPageohertel took the time to explain some fine details about using the CVS function in Eclipse.
Thanks to djnz (Paul) for explaining to me why it is helpful when upgrading on a shared host to work with three copies rather than two.
A great big thanks to UserPagemglunny for helping me with SQLite. At this time, the improvement seems only peripherally related to Tikiwiki, i.e., it helps me run SoupyBot. Nonetheless, one never knows, does one?

1.1. tikiwiki

I usually go by ktest on #tikiwiki.

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