Hello everybody,

I am currently building a Tiki site and experiencing the basic user obstacles. You can see the work in progress at TheTransitioner.

I want to tell the developper community how impressed I am about this fantastic project. It's visionnary, its clean, professionnal and it wears a lot of faith in it. Such a project gives faith in what Human is able to accomplish when there is no boss, dictator or other kind of centralized power. The real power is in everyone's hands, Tikiwiki and many other great applications are the proof of it.

So, a big Thanks to everyone!!!biggrin

My goal now is when we can move from a Knowledge Ecology up to a real Knowledge Economy (this is what TheTransitioner is about).

Below is a list of bugs I found along the way (still using the 1.7.4). I need to see where they should be shared.



  • Single quote not accepted in wiki names. Ex: Coup d'Etat cannot be a wiki link. Too bad since many French names have a single quote between the article and the name.
  • Wiki words not accepted in titles (! !! !!! etc)
  • Wiki words don't work when touching a . , ; : etc. They have to be put between parenthesis
  • When using 2 tikiwikis simultaneously, the system gets confused in the user recognition
  • Sometimes urls with separate words, rather than appearing with '+' between each words, appear with a coded space %20. Such urls are not as easy to read as the ones with the '+' between words...


  • Algeria is missing in the list of countries
  • When the edit/modify categories is made available to registered users, a second 'Category' link appears in the main menu. The 1st 'categories' link only displays the categories, the 2nd 'Categories' (with a capital C) displays them and let the user edit them. Not a big issue but confusing.
  • Boxes shouldn't generate a line jump after them

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