I started working in Engineering in 1981 while going to college. I never did receive a degree, which I have often regretted during the last twenty years.

The lack of a degree has made my life - well - interesting. During good economic times I do not have a problem finding employment and my salary steadily climbs. When the economy goes south - I do manage to remain employed longer than most people, but eventually I do get released. Unfortunately, I also remain unemployed for a much longer period than most people do. The search for work has caused me to move around a lot. I started in Nebraska and moved to Florida when the Oil Embargo occurred. I found that Florida really was the Last Great Slave State - my salary was proof positive. A couple years after I escaped to Texas, Congress canceled the Super Collider Project and 20,000 Engineers were suddenly unemployed. Again my salary dropped to Florida's level so I moved to North Carolina. Five years later my company was sold out from under me and I moved to California. The economy went south again in 2000 - and I was unemployed by the end of 2002. As much as I loved Southern California, it is hard to stay alive there without an income - so I moved back to Texas. I am still unemployed - and doing what I can to stay alive. It will get better - It always does biggrin

Still, in that time, I have worked for some notable companies, like: Control Data, Eaton/Cutler-Hammer, KC Aviation, GTE Aviation, Lykes Pasco, Levi Straus, Zevatech, and Amistar. I have held positions that ranged from Draftsman to ))Electro-Mechanical(( Designer to Mechanical Engineer. During the last seven years of employment I specialized in the Design of Automated Industrial Equipment, specifically: machines that placed components on PCBs.

In 2003 I decided to create a community site for SolidWorks. That site was built using ))TikiWikiCMS v1.8.2. Eventually, I became frustrated with some of the limitations inTikiWiki(( and a subtle resistence to change. I felt it everywhere.

Then ))TikiPro(( was born and I climbed on board shortly after that. I am not an Application Developer - but I am learning.

))StarRider(( (S-R on IRC)

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