I am a developer and project manager living in Portland, OR where I lead a software company/ASP called the Acumen Development Group.

As Tiki is the basis for the Acumen hosted CRM/SFA solution, I have spent some time diggin through the internals and integrating an outside modue.

Along the way while integrating our module into the administration system, I found myself figuring out something that I thought would be easier. In my mind I was expecting to find a piece of code looking at a table called modules or something. You can imagine my surprise at finding that the pages themselves needed to be edited. That said, I made my edits and moved on.

That experience got me thinking and I realized that the major reason that we chose tiki was for the framework and associated management / administration features. In the past I have created my own or integrated directly into active directory or some such, but we were trying to stay open source and php/mysql based.

Long story short, I'll be pushing an FeatureIntegrationAndAdministrationDev project...


  • ModuleCreationDev

Quick link to the dev channel...

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