March 29th, 2004

I am sloowly learning about this site and how things are configured. I did not
realize that when I sent mose a message and referenced my home page that he would leave comments here as well. Now I know. I am slow sometimes. redface

March 23rd, 2004

Today's notes are about Tiki 1.9's Tracker version, which I must state that I am really excited about. So here are my first comments back on issues:

1. mia culpa. I did not actually upgrade from 1.8 to 1.9 using the tiki_1.8to1.9.sql upgrade script. I transfered my data into a fresh install of 1.9. I did make sure that the various updates and inserts in this script were executed as necessary.

2. When you have multiple pages of Trackers, and you edit a Tracker on a page greater than page 1, then click on "View this tracker items", you are not returned to the same Tracker page but rather to the 1st Tracker page. It is rather cumbersome to navigate back to your location. However, I beleive that this is only a small fix to the template to resolve (or at least in 1.8 it is).
yup. that's a minor issue that I plan to fix before release. — mose

3. Is it possible to change the location of the following default columns:
- delete icon
- the open/pending/closed icon
- created
- lastModif
no it's not possible right now, but that is a quite good idea to change that. I'll think about it, it's not trivial, though. — mose

4. I am a bit confused on the difference between field preferences
Is column visible when listing tracker items?
Field is public? (for use thru trackerlist plugin)

I agree. I added eth second one afterwise. The first option make the field being visible in list view, the second make the field visible for admin only, either in list mode or in view/edit mode. --mose

5. When I created a Tracker from scratch, the open/pending/closed icon does not display.

6. The quick search using the open/pending/closed icons does not seem to work for open or pending. For open it will include the closed tracker items. For pending, I don't have any pending tracker items and it seems to display all tracker items. Closed seems to work some of the time.

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