Hi. My name is Patrik and I'm pretty new to the Tikiwiki project.

I'm looking for a Content Management System for a Swedish organisation which I am working for, and Tikiwiki may be an interesting option for our choice of system.

Anyhow the t9n (translation) of Tikiwiki into Swedish is not so good, so I tought that if my orginsation chooses Tikiwiki and they allow me to spend time on translating I will try to make the Swedish translation of Tikiwiki better.

I suggest that Swedish translators must agree on some basic rules so we won't have to see "mail" in som places and the Swedishalisation "mejl" in other places.

I have created the page LanguageSwedish where Swedish translators can collaborate.

A good reference is the Svenska Datatermgruppen (Swedish Computer Term Group).

I haven't done any translation yet, languages will be distributed as language packs but yet there aren't any packages available.

I'm interested to speak to other Swedish translators!

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