So, I'm 199th in tikiwiki community.
Not as bad, though. =)

  • One advice: do not use PEAR's XML-RPC - find another replace like http://sourceforge.net/projects/phpxmlrpc/ or even better http://scripts.incutio.com/xmlrpc/ Before XML-RPC I was thinking about entering PEAR, but now I'm really disappointed in this "community". As for PEAR's XML-RPC - it was the cause of major security holes in most popular PHP based systems.
  • File'n'Replace (merge file:search and file:find_and_replace functionality)


  • RFE's

Should be on separate tab in package page. Feature can be commited to CVS in a separate QA branch

  • BUGZ

Should have they own maillisg list for easy track and discussion (pear-bugs//lists.php.net).
H?> Actually iirc that it had been accepted by devs to open that list, but
H?> we haven't still seen that list started :-)
H?> Maybe that's something that we should push for again ?
ask toby or mike // php.net


Upload a modified source file and it will build a patch itself
Also Helgi ?ormar said there is a patch tracker draft .
H?> There is no current state, well martin made some code which is in
H?> /include on pearweb, but it has to be changed a lot I guess, never
H?> looked at it.

Continuous Integration Tools


TimeZone BUGS

If only I had enough time.. =)

Tiki is server<->client system. So it must be aware of different issues that can arise when switching from one time zone to another.

06:31 <chealer> we had for a long time one day difference bugs plus timezonebugs

and here comes much more

06:30 <chealer> If you can fix it without hack, it's ont of the longest-standing nobody-wants-to-fix-it things

06:30 <chealer> you would probably find many complaints

06:31 <chealer> if it interests you, dig in, make sure all is good and we'll give you a TikiMedal :-)

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