WIS Student Site

I'm currently working on a Tiki based student site at WIS and intend to use this page for thoughts on the issue. With time I hope it will become a kind of case study. People are welcome to comment/suggest/ask.


Most of the site activity will, probably, be centered around course pages (or structures)
Typical functionality of a course page/structure:

  • Announcements of changes like cancellation of a lesson or room chage. (what mechanism to use for this, newsletters, articles ?)
  • Bibliography page - where books and web pages related to this course are listed, suggested and discussed.
  • General discussion pages (how to decide what should be in wiki and what in forum?)

Anonuncments workflow

Announcements related to some course (or similar entity) should appear on its page AND delivered by email. Users should be able to subscribe themselves to announcemnets for specific courses (and unsubscribe).

What mechanism to use? Possibilities I see for now:

  • Each course is a topic and announcements are articles.
  • Each course has announcements forum
  • Newsletters

  • Documentation is too much like a reference manual, too lengty and difficult to navigate if I have a task to perform but don't know what feature to use.
  • Plugins can be used to easily extend wiki syntax wit h custom tags.
  • Several wiki pages can be groupped into a structure, see Wiki->structures menu
  • Articles are classified in topics

Things I need to find out
  • Can one subscribe to a category, to get mail noteces when, say, an article in this category is created?
  • What is Tracker
  • How to track/watch changes on a specific page

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