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July 9th to 13th : TikiFest Strasbourg and online: get your keyboards ready!

Author: Marc Laporte - Published

TikiFest is a tradition in the TikiWiki community. A TikiFest is when there is a meeting between at least 2 TikiWiki contributors that don't meet usually. This is an occasion usually for drinking adult beverages, getting laptops out and coding wildly in group sessions, discussing about wiki technology and culture, etc. depending the mood and context. It is a great opportunity for Tiki users and Tiki power users to meet some of the developers and learn more stuff :-)

Those that can't attend physically will participate online (bug tracker, chat, forums, mailing lists and the wiki of course)

What does this mean for you?

Presentation of Tiki on Wikisym 2007 conference using its slideshow feature

Author: Xavi - Published
There has been some "Tikiwiki movement" last days at Wikisym 2007 conference in Montreal, Canada (http://www.wikisym.org)

Some more information will come soon (it just finished yesterday evening), but in the mean time, here is a copy of the presentation of the paper accepted to the congress about Tikiwiki usage in education.
See the tiki-slideshow (or see the original wiki page where the slides came from)

Happy Birthday TikiWiki

Author: ricks99 - Published

The first release of TikiWiki (version 0.9 — Spica) was October 9, 2002. You can see the initial announcement, here.

Tiki certainly has come a long way!