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Re:Re :Wiki by sachin
Normal   Moving from Tiki1.7.1 to Tiki1.7.2
Hi All, In order to migrate from Tiki1.7.1 to 1.7.2 if i just copy the php source codes in app...
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Re:People from Nepal? :) by niben
Normal   Populating tracker fields
How to automatically populate tracker-fields
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Normal   including php
How to include output from php-script in wiki page
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Normal No "Support" on tw.o?
Why no \"support\" option on tw.o\'s homepage?
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Re:No "Support" on tw.o? by Pat VDV
Normal Uhm, Devel Guys!
Just an idea from someone who\'s been doing opensource for awhile...
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Re:Re:Uhm, Devel Guys! by Larry Lewis
Normal   IE 5.0 crashes
My IE 5.0 crashes when visiting this site. Quite often when visitin the galleries. Is this known?...
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Re:IE 5.0 crashes by Pat VDV
Normal   New site setup problems
A place to keep track of the bugs on the new site
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Please help me by discomaster
Normal   Last threads/posts
Promoting Tiki forums
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Normal   FAQ for admins?
It'd be great if we could start a FAQ for admin. Or should it be a forum that feeds a faq?
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Re:FAQ for admins? by DennisDaniels
Normal   "watch this topic" fails
i click the eyeball at the top of a topic and get a MySQL error page. watch works correctly when ...
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Normal   too many sign-up notifications
i just received about a dozen identical email site sign-up notifications, all with the time of 7:...
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Re:too many sign-up notifications by eHa
Normal Also, can you make some suggestions on how....
I should setup my magazine website? I don't want to post the URL so, please check my profile and...
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Normal   What is it for?
Hi there, I'm really keen to start helping out with this site. i find it difficult to keep tra...
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Re:What is it for? by ricardo