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How do I find new comments?

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I've set up my tiki, and when I logged in my nice box tells me that since the last login x new comments have been added.

How do I list those comments without having to open every single page in my wiki/articles etc to see where the comment is.

I'm running 1.9 RC1

Thanks for any help.

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well comments are used all over the site but

if you go to /tiki-admin_modules you will find a few ways to give you the effect you want.

to see your wiki last comments use this
module: wiki_last_comments

this will give something like you see to the right here at TW in the
Last 10 wiki comments module

for forums try
module: forums_most_commented_forums

dig around you may find others. But like the Last 10 wiki comments on the right these will give you a link rather then just how many.


posts: 13 United Kingdom
Thanks a lot, that's what I wanted.

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Another way is to use calendar and activate the filter on forum, wiki..... It is the one I used on this site
and you will have all the changes :-)

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