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is there a site map function?

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I have a couple of wiki's running for groups of friends. One is running tikiwiki 1.8. This site is getting rather large now and navigation is proving difficult.

Is there a site map component that builds a tree/net diagram of the wiki pages?

I have been thinking of migrating over to Yawiki, which has the "areamap" function that gets part way to what I need.



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well I do not think that there is a tree/net diagram as such.

However the catogories function works well for this sort of organizion. If carefully planed it works well.

A sort of long winded discuss I think about what you are asking is here Category Tree in the forums.

The catogories option may be used for almost all of the TW content.

It may also then be used in many ways via plug-ins to do what you want I think.


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You can use the structure feature.
This page is build from a structure, but you have to add each page in the structure :

You can also use the wiki3d feature. it gives a graph of the linked page. It doesn't seem to work on this site but it works on mine

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