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Features / Usability

Webmail error...

posts: 8542 Israel

I'm using 1.9rc3.

I have set a webmail on tiki.

When i go on Webmail i got a not found page. After 2/3 refresh ti change to a

Warning: fsockopen(): unable to connect to mail.xxx.com:110 in /home/httpd/vhosts/xxxx.com/httpdocs/tikiwiki/lib/webmail/pop3.php on line 80

The pop3 and smtp are ok.
I can ping then and even download email using email program with the same data.

Any direction ?


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Disable the feature.

The webmail feature is currently, honestly a total waste of space.


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Since mose changes the pop library, it is not working for me (multipart content is not handled properly) !
Do we take away the feature or fix it?