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Can I just ask, how were the quoted replies in the forums modified on tikiwiki.org to produce a box, instead of the ugly usenet > insets?

Which file (I've looked intently) should I be looking for?

This is the solution to one of the problems my users have had with the test site I've proposed moving us to. They complain that the forums just don't have the smooth appearance, especially with replies, that phpBB2 has.

But replacing the > offset with a box has made the forums look much more professional.

Please share.

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Depends on your tiki release.
tiki1.9 introduces threaded style. You can check the differences between the styles (threaded / flat) on this site with the box style just above the box where you reply to a forum thread.

Depends on you style, some are better than others
You can check on this site by picking another style on the left column "style"

After you can change the appeareance by changing the css of your style
(for exemple if you are using moreneat style, you can change styles/moreneat.css). Some entries .subcomment, .commentstitle

If you like phpBB, have a look to tikipro.org

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