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sub wikis? structures?

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I am trying to create a site using TW that allows a heap of different Uni Students (up to 300 members) to maintain a pesonal website / portfolio... Can anyone suggest a general method of giving users control of thier own structure within the wiki?

AKA a kinda larger version of the userPage idea...

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No global solution . Some ideas
1) I will take away the perm wiki_edit for registered and I will activate in admin -> wiki "Page creators are admin of their pages:"
Like this only the creator can change his page
.... but nothing will protect someone else to create a page from a wikiword of the page of another user (if wikiwork enabled)

2) perhaps one categ / user.... In 1.9 the quick edit module used in a wiki page can control the categ inheritence...

No real good idea

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In v1.9 there is going to be some kind of structure-controlled permissions, as far as I read some days ago in a forums answer by Damian to somebody's (?) question.... Also could be the catgory-controlled permissions, that somebody suggested in the forums (or users list) longer ago... (sorry, don't have the links to those posts)
Good luck,
P.S. By the way, Cicada, do you know the info at: http://tikiwiki.org/tiki-index.php?page=LearningManagementSystemDev
It would be nice to read a bit more about what are you using (or planning to use) the Wiki for in you uni case...

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