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syntax to turn off wiki links

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I'm having problems getting the wiki syntax for pages to work properly. I'm using ))fooBar(( to avoid making wiki links, but I run into a problem if I have more than one on a page. For example, Tiki is turning this:

blah blah ))fooBar(( blah blah ))fooBar((

into this:

blah blah fooBar blah blah fooBar

Making blah blah into wiki link. Which is not what I want. How should I be using the syntax to simply produce a line of plain text:

blah blah fooBar blah blah fooBar

with no wiki links at all?


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put another wiki syntax symbol inbetween for example try a bold space. I think this is fixed in 1.9 developers code.


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I usually use a bold space:

Once upon a ))TimeLong(( ago in__ __a land ))NotSoFar(( away

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Uh, Damien, not working on 1.8.4 - tries to create the following link:


and then displays this(HTML tags spaced by yours truly for tiki forum purposes):

Invalid variable value : page = ago in< b > < /b >a land
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I think that Damian's trick works only if the wiki link format in admin-> wiki is not "complete"(almost every thing)

In a complete format, personnally (I hope sbd else has one) I don't see any trick and to fix the bug will oblige to rewrite the wiki parser (pattern matching -> LL parser).cry

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I've had to resort to using the "no processing" ~ n p ~ tags to make things work properly. Thanks.