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Features / Usability


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Why can't I see TikiWiki web site in english any more?frown
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Tw.org uses "Detect browser language"
So check your browser prefs
Or you can set in your user preferences page your language to english.
Tell me if still trouble perhaps an unknown bug ;-)

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This needs moving to a user preferences rather than a site preference as its obviously causes problems. There are other posts relating to the same setting.


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Alert Alert Alert!!!

I hope you kept it possible for the webmaster to uncheck that function.

Language detection by the browser is ok if you develop a multilingual site. On the contrary it can become confusing if you create monolingual.

AND you might want to create a site in one language only, and make it part of the spirit of the site that everything is in that language.

Well... can we have a forum on multilingualism here? I mean a specific forum, like for Galaxia.

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Of course, it is optional: panel admin ->general
I personnally hate this option and prefer the module switch language. But, as I have the choice
For the forum, I think it is a good idea. I will speak with mose