Commercial Contract for good Tikiwiki developer

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Commercial Contract for good Tikiwiki developer
Preference given to existing Tikiwiki contributors!

Full time. Likely duration 3 months. Start asap
Commercial rates according to experience etc

Must have:
Previous hands on Tikiwiki development experience
Good PHP/ MySQL skills – 2 years plus
Website development experience using Tikiwiki technology and standards in production

Oracle database experience
Dreamweaver MX

Company Background:
Large global company

Project Background:
The project has gone live in a large company intranet environment. It is based on Tikiwiki 1.8.2 with modifications. Tikiwiki’s functionality does not automatically work in the company’s clustered intranet environment (based on Apache/Linux) which requires multiple changes eg no writing directly to disk, no PHP globals etc

Task Breakdown
1) General Support
• Actioning requests for additional Tikiwiki and company specific features to be implemented
• Rapid bug/ issues resolution
• Production of relevant documentation

2) Ratings : Extend the ability to “rate??? (eg 5 stars)etc across all content/ resources implementing:
• company user functions and relevant database changes to rate all content types
• functions to administer and report ratings

3) Categorisation:Extend the categorization and search capabilities to support multiple taxonomies which enable better client interaction. This is likely to be the largest task implementing:
• user functionality and database changes
• new admin functions

4) Migration to Oracle
Assist in migration of the underlying databases from MySQL to Oracle

5) Security Model
Extend the security model as required eg removing items from the search results that you do not have access rights to

How to apply:
Please send me (u660699) a message on Tikiwiki.org with the following details:
1) Your CV, including contact details
2) When you are available (or not) for interview w/c 8th November (no interview expenses – sorry)
3) Any dates you would be unavailable to work onsite between 15th November and 20th December. Expected start date is 15th November.
4) Fully inclusive daily rate that you are looking for (nominal 8 hour day only – no additional expenses/ “bonuses??? etc will be considered)
5) 3 url’s which demo your Tikiwiki skills/ contributions
6) Closing date for applications 21 November 2004
7) No agencies


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I am not in a position where I can spend huge amounts of time down in London. However if this only requies a minimal amount of "on-site" time then I might consider it.

Oracle and TikiWiki could be a big problem. There are many outstanding problems in that transition, and the oracle support is quite small.

Ratings are coming in 1.9/1.10 releases mainly from mose. and secure search results are 1.9 already, but only supported by MySQL as other databases do not have the required functions to filter the results based on the current way the data is stored in the TikiWiki database.

Anyway, for consultancy and development, all my pricing is at http://shop.damosoft.net.


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3) Categorisation:Extend the categorization and search capabilities to support multiple taxonomies which enable better client interaction.

Something like this would be nice: http://flamenco.berkeley.edu/ ou http://facetmap.com/ but in PHP/LGPL ;-)


M ;-)