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Features / Usability

Users and there options

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I'm new at the TikiWiki-stuff but I do like it very much. But as you know when you are a newbie there are a lot of questions and my first one is: How does the registration of user work.

I have made a user from the admin section but when I log in with that user I can't wath any pages and I can't do more then look at My Tiki.
What is the reason and what can I do about it?

The second quoestion is: Can I set permissions on pages and where do I do that?

Third: Here at tikiwiki.org you can create you own user. Where do I find this feature?


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You can enable user registrations on your Admin->Login icon panel

The reason why you cant do anything as a "user" is because you have no permissions setup, this is done from the Admin->Groups page. That is found by expanding the Admin menu either with the :: or the [-] [+] symbol depending on your theme

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One good way to have an easy first step with the permissions is to use a profile. You usually run it at the installation step, but you can run later (perhaps you need to ignore error). It is a list of sql queries.
A profile sets permissions for different tiki uses. A good one is db/profiles/BasicEnabled.prf