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One-Character-PageName Problem

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I want to write a page about Programming Languages, and `C` is one of them.
When I wrote C the page output garbled.

I found out that if you want to make a page, the name of which is just one character, then some problems occur in creating/referencing to it.

Does anyone know a proper workaround?

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A trick is to use ((C )) or ((C |description)) with a space after the C

Otherwise it is a bug.....


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Thank you Sylvie for the workaround, and thanks Damian for his always support.

In fact, I reviewd the code and localized where the problem emerges. But, as it is using regular expression (a feature that I've never learnt, but I know how great it is and wish there were enough time for me to learn), I preferred to drop some lines and ask for a fast help.

Anyway, thank you for your assistance! :-)