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How can I insert a link to an external site and/or to a tw function in a dynamic content block?


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I tried with {http://URL, [http://URL and ((wikipage
but I didn't get success.

Where is my mistake?


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OK. The correct sintax is some_text_if_you_want.

But it doesn't seem to work if you insert the block in a module.
However it works if you insert the block in a wiki page.


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The wiki syntax is not interpreted in a module ...
I just added a wiki parse in the module to 1.9 cvs that enables the link to be parsed as you want. I am not sure if the patch will not create side effect. We will see in a couple of days.

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All I did was add a link without markup to a content block and that worked...e.g.,:


when I placed the content on a page with the
 Plugin disabled
Plugin content cannot be executed.
it parsed as an external link.