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Architecture / Installation

Re : File Downloads, Permission, and 1.8.4

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Let do some summarize:
- in the database you have for groupx tiki_p_admin_file_galleries
- in tiki-setup_base.php just after the loop with "Asignando permiso global", tiki_p_amin_file_galleries is "n". The variable changes value in this loop. It must set to 'y' after.
So .... the problem is in the function get_user_permissions.
Each user belongs only to one group groupx. Right? Can you check in the admin panel...
It is so simple that I can figure out what is the problem

I checked that if a user belongs to a group but not the registered group, it is ok ...

If you can debug php, you can try to put some print
- take away the comment // before "Asignando permiso global"
- put some prints in get_user_permissions to see $groups and $perms for each group

good luck ... very strange

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