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Howto display html code on forums?

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Hi there:

I'd like to know howto display html code in a Tiki forum.
I tried with CODE plugin, or with np syntax, but no way (it's not shown the html syntax, but html tags are interpreted.frown. Neither in 1.8.5, nor in 1.9.CVS (here at tw.o)

Example 1 (CODE plugin):

<a href="http://www.moviments.net">Trial (sample url)</a>

Example 2 (np syntax):
<a href="http://www.moviments.net">Trial (sample url)</a>

However, I think that it should say something like:

a href="http://www.moviments.net">Trial (sample url) /a
(with the proper "a" tags).

(For e-mail readers of this forum post, please see the output at tw.o forums)

Hints appreciated,


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Do you mean something like:

&lt;a href="http://www.moviments.net">Trial (sample url) &lt;/a>

Simply use & l t ; (spaces added to display properly) instead of &lt;


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I want to post HTML in forums with TikiWiki 3.0.

How do I do that?