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Yahoo style categories on HomePage

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(I've had a look around but can;t see any posts addressing/asking this, so apologies in advance if it's already been covered.)
What I'm trying to do is change the homepage of my tiki so that part of it has a layout of the categories on the site.



Welcome blah blah

Category 1 (x objects)
SubCat a (y objects), SubCat b (z objects), ...

- much like the old yahoo directory approach.

And frustratingly much like the current tiki directory approach!

So really,
a) Is there a way for me to get the functionality of the directory (but with internal links)?
b) incorporate that into my homepage?

Does that make sense?? Thanks masses for any help


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In admin ->general, you can give a homepage .. It can be /tiki-browse_categories.php

You can also create a plugin or a module that list the category to be able to insert it in any wiki page . Try the wiki plugin CATEGORY- perhaps it will be ok for you.


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Thanks Sylvie - that's helpful - will have a play around with modules