Galaxia Workflow Engine

Galaxia Workflow Engine

use of setNextUser() function in instance


Is anybody has an example of use of the instance function setNextUser ?

I want to start a new workflow and at the first activity the user choose the next user for the next activity.
The function $instance->setNextUser('XXX') seems to work (user id in table) but in the user processes all the users belong to the activity role can act with the activity : I want that only the selected user can act with the activity.




I have the same problem. Did your find a solution? Or does someone else have the answer? Thanks for your help.



I experimented it all the day, and I had a half success. setting next user seems to work with activities, but not when it's setted from a start activity. All my setnextuser work except the first one coming from my starting activity. Maybe it's the beginning of an answer.

I would like to put a non-interactive activity just after the start activity to set the next user, but I can't try it because non-interactive php scripts are not executed. It's the second problem. Does someone has a solution ? I use a recent version of Galaxia and I'm not sure amp in config.php is the only problem. In my version, there's no amp in config.php !