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Post code or Zip Code integration

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I'm trying to set up a wiki which can tell you how close other users are to you, and/or show who's where as per this site or the http://london.openguides.org but, er, have no real clue how to do it.

Initial stumbling blocks are:
- How to modify the user registration so that it can include a postcode/zipcode?
- How to "tag" wiki pages with a certain postcode?
(I'm assuming most users won't know their longitude and latitude)

Any clues? Is anything like this under development?

BTW there's a natty free database of UK Postcodes and geolocation data at jibble.org

Thanks very much for any pointers


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In Tiki 1.9, the User List (providing you have permission to see it) shows the distance from you to other users. But yes, people need to enter their Long & Lat.

On CommunityWorldmap, there are links to find your Long & Lat from your Zip code.

You need to install MapServer to produce maps.

M ;-)

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Hi Piers,

If your UK based, and your visitors will be, you can use XMLRPC to query the Royal Mail database to return postal code details. Then using a similar interface with multimap.co.uk you can return the distance by road between users.

Tiki Maps is based on line of sight. its quite easy to add the postal code to long/lat referencing directly in from the royal mail db or even multimap.

Let me know if you want help there. Id be interested in getting a Tiki Maps project to work on.


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Thanks both of you - really helpful.
And Damian I may well be in touch soon ;)


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