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Re: Re: pluginSQL out of order

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When I try to use the sql plugin in 1.9, i get this error message:
"Missing file: /var/www/devvvv.meso.net/tikiwiki/lib/adodb/drivers/adodb- mysql.inc.php"
notice the space after "adodb- ".

The same plugin does work well on my 1.8.5. installation.

I got the same error with a small plugin script I used successfully in 1.8.5.:

function wikiplugin_cattable($data, $params) { extract ($params); global $tikilib; $db = 'p338607dertz'; $data = 'SELECT catObjectID FROM tiki_category_objects WHERE categID= 12'; $data .= ' LIMIT '.$limit; $perm_name = 'tiki_p_dsn_' .$db; global $$perm_name; if ($$perm_name != 'y') { return (''); } $ret = ''; $dsn = $tikilib->get_dsn_by_name($db); $dbPlugin = DB::connect($dsn); if (DB::isError($dbPlugin)) { return ($dbPlugin->getMessage()); } @$result = $dbPlugin->query($data); if (DB::isError($result)) return $result->getMessage(); $first = true; $class = 'even'; while ($res = $result->fetchRow(DB_FETCHMODE_ASSOC)) { $ret .= '$res object'; } return $ret; }

hope someone can help me here -


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aaaah and the silly hotfix to this problem: dupliceted the file /lib/adodb/drivers/adodb-mysql.inc.php" and renamed the copy to
"adodb-(space)mysql.inc.php". voila, it works.
so obviously just a typo in the sources somewhere. But actually I was unable to find it with the regular fulltext search...

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Can you give the syntax and parameter you use in your plugin call